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    by Michael Bertoldi on November 26, 2010

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    We get stuck in all sorts of funk don’t we? From marketing strategies and new media to fitness goals and just life in general. At times, we may reach a point where we’re repeating the same routine, producing the same results, and it seems like we’re not learning anything new. We need something fresh. Something new to stumble upon. A new workout to throw in the fitness mix. New material to read. New perspectives on social media and marketing to consider. To that I say, keep discovering!

    Stuck Sucks. But the Fresh Ideas are Out There

    If you’re looking for quality reading material, there’s a place called Barnes and Noble with lots of choices. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to new media and marketing tools, there’s an entire internet awaiting. See, just this week, I discovered the blog of Mark Schaefer. His blog over at BusinessGrow.com is a place I’m glad I’ve discovered. Sometimes it feels like we talk about the same old stuff in social media doesn’t it? ROI, engagement, twitter, ROI, criticism, you’re not doing it right, ROI. But the first post I read at Mark’s blog was Ten Reasons to Blog Even if Nobody Reads it. The title certainly caught my attention as, get this, it was new to me! As I read, I found myself agreeing with just about every point he made – almost thinking “yeah… Yeah… YEAH!” A fresh, well-written post on 10 reasons to keep blogging if nobody is reading it – that’s the post that reeled this guy in. That’s the post that delivered something different.

    Expanding Your Sphere

    This isn’t meant to be a “Mark Schaefer is awesome” post. And there’s nothing wrong with reading the same blogs every day. My point is this; if you find yourself reading the same stuff all the time and feeling a little anti-energetic about what you’re doing, then try to find something new. After all, it’s out there. You may think you’ve seen every blog worth reading, but chances are you haven’t. There’s new insight out there waiting to be discovered, you’ve just got to open your mind and expand your focus.

    Go find that new exercise to spice up your monotonous workout. Research that new author. Find that new blogger. There’s plenty of “new” out there to supplement the “same ole” that you’re accustomed to.

    When you’re looking for new content to learn from, where do you turn? New twitter followers? Recommendations from current connections? Better yet, how do you ensure that your content is new and fresh?

    Photo by Kabsick Park

    • Mark W. Schaefer

      First, there is nothing wrong with writing a Mark Schaefer is awesome post. : ) That made me chuckle! Thanks for the reference Michael. I’m glad we’ve connected.

      Honestly, I’m in one of those ruts too on my blog reader. You have actually given me an idea for a blog post, so thanks for returning the favor!

      I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog to add to my reader!

    • http://www.michaelbertoldi.net Michael Bertoldi

      No problem Mark! Credit where credit is due and you were definitely due.

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