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  • REtechSouth 2010 – Highlights and Happenings

    by Michael Bertoldi on March 27, 2010

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    Hope you enjoyed the highlights from REtechSouth 2010. Of course, there’s a few people I missed like Jeff Turner, Hal Lublin, Brad Nix, and a number of others. We’ll see if I become a faster draw with the Flip over time.

    So, you can tell it was a good time, but what was learned? What did the various real estate agents in the building take away from the event? After all, that’s what these things are for right?

    I can’t speak for everyone in attendance, nor did I attend every session, but I can share a few tidbits of knowledge that I picked up from REtechSouth 2010. When I read the wrap up of an event, I like quotes or “nuggets” of worthwhile information, so that’s what I’ll present here. Click on the name of each presenter to find them on twitter.

    Jeff Turner – Transparency is for Amateurs

    Have you ever noticed the amount of photos tagged on facebook of someone with their head in the toilet? How about real estate agents trashing other agents or griping about their clients online? Yeah, it happens… a bit too much. The message: Folks, that’s not transparency, that’s dumb – and you need to know the difference. Filter your online conversation by making sure your comments and content follow these four guidelines:

    1. Is it truthful?
    2. Do you have clear motives?
    3. Is it the right content?
    4. Does it impact trust?

    Of course, there’s nothing like seeing the presenter in person, but you can find Jeff’s presentation here.

    Brian Copeland, Todd Carpenter, Sherry Chris, Pete Goldey, and Dan Green moderated by Matt Fagioli - State of the REunion

    Todd Carpenter: Todd made a great analogy that I think people should use more often. He used Champ Bailey, a former Georgia Bulldog and top tier NFL cornerback in his analogy. The point was this – the cornerback is responsible for defending wide receivers and often times he gets burned and gives up a big play. But, he’s got to have a short memory and come back strong on the next play. The same goes for a quarterback who throws an interception or a pitcher who gives up a homerun. You can’t dwell on the mistake you just made. Learn from it, get over it, and make a big play next time.

    Brian Copeland: I love the straight forward, no frills attitude of Brian Copeland. He tell’s you how he does it and he’s good. So…

    • His buyer’s agreements are set for 30 days. That’s plenty of time to get things done.

    • Listing agreements are 30 to 60 days. Again, that’s enough time to get it done.

    • If it’s not selling, he doesn’t adjust the price from $325,000 to $320,000. He’s dropping it to $299,900. Why? Because that’s a whole different price point. That my friends, makes total sense to me. If people aren’t interested in that house at $325,000 they’re probably not interested at $320,000 either… it’s all about the price point.

    • You’ve got to become a “Media Agency.” Share as much as possible with the client and know how to do it all.

    Sherry Chris: A great, practical nugget came from Sherry. You’ve got to let your clients know the way they see a house has to change. In today’s market, you’ve got to look at your house as just that – a place for you and your family to live and call home. Stop thinking of it as an investment because – it may change, but – that’s just not how it is right now.

    Tom Ferry – Getting Gen X and Y Clients Offline and Into a Home

    Of course, if you’ve seen Tom Ferry in action, you know he rocks! This guy was energetic and motivational. If nothing else, he motivates you to think about the things you’re suppose to be doing… well, not think about them, do them!

    • Thanks to Tom, I’ve got a new saying. It’s called GSD. GSD = Get Shit Done. Plain and simple. Ideas are meaningless if you don’t take action.

    • Stop telling everyone the market is great. In reality, “How’s the market” depends on what they are trying to do. Are they buying, selling, investing, or renting?

    • There are Four Addictions that Kill Your Dreams. Don’t give into these.

    1. Addiction to the opinions of other people. It’s when you care so much about what everyone else thinks, you stop short of your dreams.
    2. Addiction to the past.
    3. Addiction to drama. (Ladies…)
    4. Addiction to worry. (Gentlemen…)

    Ilyce Glink – A Sneak Peak at Tomorrow’s Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

    Ilyce made a great presentation on tomorrow’s real estate buyers and sellers – namely Gen X and Y. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t take too many notes on this one because I’m a borderline Gen Y myself. However, she was awesome. Her delivery kept us intrigued and the content was great. She was also fun to hang out with while she signed books or posed for a few photos with the crowd.

    What Did You Think? What Will You Do?

    There was some much information at this event, I couldn’t possibly put it all here. That and the fact that I didn’t attend every session. So, as real estate agents who seek more knowledge and insight into using technology to better their business, I encourage you all to follow these guys and gals on twitter. Get to know them and learn as much as you can. Then, don’t just think about it, do it!

    If you attended REtechSouth 2010, feel free to add to this wrap-up in the comments. What sessions did I miss? What important information did I leave out? If you didn’t attend, what did you learn from this post? Which part of this information are you currently experimenting with or planning to try?

    Thanks to Brad Nix and crew for a great event.

    • mattfagioli

      way to GSD man! nice review :)

    • nashvillebrian

      I'm so glad we got to meet each other at the final hour! Glad to have another pal within a few hours of Nashville.

    • http://www.michaelbertoldi.net Michael Bertoldi

      Thanks Matt! Enjoyed the event. You did a good job moderating and helping make the event a success.

    • http://www.michaelbertoldi.net Michael Bertoldi

      Hey, thanks Brian. I was a little disappointed to miss your session at 1. Hope to stay in touch with you and learn the ways of NashvilleBrian! I'll gladly make the commute. See you in about a month.

    • johncoley

      how did I miss a fellow Alabamian?

      I guess because there was so much going on.. maybe next year!

    • ilyceglink

      Michael: I'm flattered to be included. Thanks for saying all those nice things about my presentation. I had a lot of fun, so I'm glad it showed. I'd like to invite your followers to follow me @Glink and at ThinkGlink.com.

    • http://www.michaelbertoldi.net Michael Bertoldi

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! You're presentation was awesome and you were very fun to be around. I'm thinking your book would be awesome as an audio book! haha

      And of course, if you're reading this and not following Ilyce Glink, go do it now! @Glink on twitter and thinkglink.com.

    • http://www.michaelbertoldi.net Michael Bertoldi

      I don't know, how did you!? haha. It would have been cool to meet you. Lake Martin isn't that far from Huntsville is it? You should try to make it to rebarcamp Nashville.

    • johncoley

      I would love to come to Nashville, but can't this year. RETSO took up my conference time budget for the spring. It would be great if they could do Nashville in the fall, maybe time it with a good football game at Vandy?

      Brian Copeland was great, I agree. I scribbled notes constantly as he talked in both classes. I enjoyed many of the classes. I will also throw in there Pat Kitano, Dustin Luther, the guys from Creative Roof, and Creative Thunder.

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