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  • What Do You Do?

    by Michael Bertoldi on December 7, 2010

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    How many times have you been at a mixer, conference, or other networking soiree and been asked “What do you do?” That question is pretty standard and seems to have solidified itself as the universal icebreaker at business events. First of all, let’s do a little better shall we? Be genuinely interested in the person your meeting and do indeed get them talking about themselves – it opens them up. But mix it up sometimes. Ask them about their hometown, their family, and then get jiggy with the professional stuff. Now, back to the lecture at hand.

    You’re More Than a Title

    Me? I help businesses craft a message – an identity if needed – and disseminate that message effectively. I help companies utilize social media tools and become engaging and compelling online. I bridge the gap between traditional advertising and new media, connecting brands with consumers. I like to get creative and come up with different ways to garner attention or start a buzz. Sure, if you want a title you can say I’m a Marketing  and Social Media Consultant. But you asked “What do I do?” So, What do you do?

    “I’m a Realtor.” No. You help first time home buyers understand the process of buying a home. The hunt, the offer, the inspection, the request for repairs, the closing. You help sellers price their home where it will sell, not at a price that will help the neighbors sell their home. You help those relocating find a community, not just a home. You build relationships.

    “I’m a Life Coach.” No. You help individuals with their work/life balance. You encourage your clients to set goals and then you hold them accountable for achieving them. You make people reach for the stars, ensuring them that if they miss, they’ll land on the moon. You push, motivate, and bring out the best in people who need a little help reaching that untapped potential.

    “I’m a Caterer.” No. You support events by allowing the host to focus on her guests, not refreshments. You provide a conversation piece – if there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s good food. You give people options and make for a memorable event by offering creative items on your menu – sure the little smokies are there, but you’re more than that.

    Get the Point?

    We’ve grown accustomed to simply stating our title when asked what we do – it’s the norm. But when you attend that next event with 15 other realtors, what’s going to set you apart? When you’re at that chamber event with two other caterers, what will make the people you meet remember you? Don’t be one of the many people that simply run together in someone’s mind. Be more than your title. Be creative. Be the one they remember.

    So.. What do you do? Consider the comments your practice run. Now make an impression!

    Also, what are some other ways people can take it a step further than simply stating their title?

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